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There is no better feeling than making an impact on a young persons life.  Young people today are being shaped into the men and women that they will become at a very young age. They are vulnerable to their surroundings, but at the same time, if taught correctly, they have the abilities to learn many things that will have an impact on their futures. 

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Each year we host many events that have an impact on a large number of people. Not only do our events have a positive impact on those we're helping, but these events also have a great impact on the kids involved in our programs as well.

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"Young people have a passion for whatever you do in life. Have a passion for what you do. And impact other people. I have three questions for each of you to ask of yourself, #1 - do you care about other people? #2 - can people trust you, and #3 - are you committed to excellence in every phase of your life. These three questions say alot about the type of person you are." - Ed Thomas

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