I’ve grown so much from this program. For me, All Iowa Attack epitomizes what AAU basketball should be – Increasing my knowledge in the game of basketball and developing lifelong skills that I will use long after I take off my basketball shoes. During practices words like ‘work hard’, ‘focus’, and ‘selflessness’ were used a lot last year, but with good reason. All of this is done in such a positive environment. I feel as though Dickson’s gym is my sanctuary…
— Harrison Barnes (as an 8th grader)
Darryl and I appreciate all your efforts on behalf of these kids. Your passion and enthusiasm for them to succeed is true gift. I am sure you all get very worn out! Thank you for all you do in this community and for being so committed to our young people!
— Annette Koudelka (AIA parent)
Dean and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for our girls, not to mention providing us with an opportunity to spend time with our girls and other wonderful people. We are so sad to see it come to an end with Abbey. It just seems like yesterday when Abbey and Lexi first started. They have grown so much personally and in basketball through All Iowa Attack and our family has built friendships that will last a lifetime so thank you again!
— Dean & Sara Albrecht (AIA parents)
First of all, I would just like to thank you for everything you do for young, dedicated athletes. You have a way of transforming average athletes (basketball players) into outstanding, hardworking, coachable, players. You have made All Iowa Attack into an incredible program which you already know, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to play for all the coaches including yourself. I have met some amazing friends through your program, and have been able to compete at a high level to better myself.

Growing up, basketball has always been my passion; I was not “gifted” with incredible height, speed, or talent. But I was gifted with heart, and a mind full of dedication to go after what I want, and succeed at it. With that being said, I have put tremendous time and effort into the game to improve. I have bounced around from team to team to try to find the best fit. I would typically get my confidence taken away seeing players similar to myself succeed wondering why I haven’t. But that also gave me motivation to work that much harder.

I would just like to say thank you for the opportunities you have gave me through AIA, I have been able to travel the mid-west and east coast, meet new players, and watch my friends reach the same dream as myself. Some kids only wish to have done half of what I have through your program. AIA has done nothing but prepare me for what the future holds. I hope one day I can have the opportunity to mentor young athletes as you have done for me.
— Taylor Hickey (AIA class of 2015)
I want to say thank you for all your words of wisdom last night and every night. I appreciate the fact that the Attack is a program that works to install values, in addition to basketball, into their players. As parents, we can preach at home about accountability, the real world, etc but having someone they look up to reinforce that is wonderful and GREATLY appreciated. I want you coaches to know how much we greatly appreciate the life lessons that you incorporate into your practices as the girls truly do listen and apply them. Being accountable for your actions, what you put into your body, what you are doing with your free time, what you are doing to better yourself as a person and player, how you are perceived by your coaches, teachers, teammates, etc. These are all priceless lessons. Thank you!!
— Joni Griglione (AIA parent)
My wife and I have given much time, effort and treasure over the years to projects and endeavors in our community. We have learned over time that many people think this kind of stuff “just happens”. Well….it doesn’t. Somewhere along the line folks like you, Ken and many others had the grit and determination to say “I can do that” “why not us?” or “we can do better”. I do know you are like me and don’t want the limelight, but it is nice to get a rare “thank you”. I hope you and your staff have received many over the years, as you deserved them many times over. But in the oft chance that you haven’t, I want to simply express my gratitude and admiration for what you are doing for so many young people.
— John Espenmiller (AIA grandparent)