Special Olympics

Special Olympics called in early 2010, looking for a place to call home for its basketball participants as they no longer had a facility they could use. IYAF has been home to Special Olympics ever since. It has been very fun and honoring to host Special Olympics and its participants in our facility.    We open our facility to them every Wednesday night from mid-November to mid-March.  We have also helped on the coaching front, sending players to help coach the athletes. It is a great opportunity for our kids to give back and realize how lucky they really are.

"Without the All Iowa Attack facility, our Special Olympic athletes from Story County would have a very difficult time accessing gym space for our Special Olympics basketball practices.  Being allowed to access the building gives our athletes an opportunity to increase their recreational skills, keeps them healthy and allows for social opportunities." - Tricia Crain, director

IAHSAA & IGHSAU High School Games

New for 2015, IYAF will be hosting 2 days of certified Iowa High School basketball games.  These games will be great opportunities for schools to play real certified games in a great facility.  Our goal is to provide a great venue and atmosphere to teams that don't normally get this opportunity.  There are a few events that have a similar structure to this, but they try to attract the best teams/players from Iowa and often other states. The 2015 events we are hosting are mainly for smaller town Iowa schools that otherwise would not be chosen to play in a fun event such as this.  This event will be one of the funnest games and a memory that these kids will have with them the rest of their lives when thinking back on their HS years.

January 17th: Varsity Girls Games Only. Games will be played at noon, 2p, 4p, 6p and 8p.  We will have 10 teams playing in this years event. The games are open to the general public.

January 24th: Varsity Boys Games Only. Games will be played at noon, 2p, 4p, 6p and 8p.  We will have 10 teams playing in this years event. The games are open to the general public.


All Iowa Attack Tournaments

With access to six of the nicest courts in the Country, All Iowa Attack is able to host weekend youth basketball tournaments on about 25 weekends a year.  These events vary in age groups, number of teams, competitive level of teams, and where teams travel to compete from.  All Iowa Attack events have grown a reputation across not only Iowa or the Midwest, but across the country as being some of the best events you can attend; this is due in large part to IYAF's facilities.

With over 25 events, All Iowa Attack brings in approximately 450,000 through the doors at The Fieldhouse on a yearly basis. This provides great exposure to IYAF's goals and its sponsors. We thank All Iowa Attack for being a great program and partner.

Youth events often get a bad reputation nationwide for being unorganized, chaotic, and promoting things that are not good in the world.  AIA events provide a healthy atmosphere for learning and growth.