Board Members

Dickson Jensen, President

Dickson Jensen, founder of All Iowa Attack Basketball in 2004, has been coaching and running the program for its entirety. Dickson is also the founder of the Jensen Group enterprise, which includes Jensen Property Management, Jensen Design Build, Jensen Development Corporation, The Harvester Golf Club, and All Iowa Attack Basketball.

Dickson is an ISU alum with an engineering degree and two masters degrees. He is also an example of what it means to be dad and a husband of a large family. Dickson has been married to his wife Luann for 28 years and they have five children: Blake, Ally, Samantha, Mason, and Kolby. He has also entered the grandparent stage of life with two grandchildren, Alivia and Brinley.

Jensen previously stated, “As you can see, to me it is about the kids and their gain for their lives now and in the future. Luann and I love kids and desire to influence them positively in these very influential years in their lives. A good kind of influence, that is honest, giving and yet firm and directive will help these kids now and into their futures as parents, at their jobs, and as our future leaders in America.”

Blake Jensen, Board Member

Blake has been with the Iowa Youth Basketball Foundation since the beginning.  He has learned a significant amount from the Attack program over the years that have helped him in all facets of life.  The Attack program has played a large role in his life and he loves being around the program in any capacity. Blake now runs the day to day operations within Iowa Youth Basketball Foundation, controlling the facilities, handling the finances, and making day to day decisions.

Blake graduated from Iowa State University with a Construction Engineering degree in 2012.  He is married to Kim Jensen and they have two beautiful girls, Alivia and Brinley.

Blake enjoys athletics of all types.  He has a passion for seeing kids take advantage and succeed in the opportunities they are given.  It is his desire to provide a Foundation for kids to learn about life through athletics, set themselves up to have a successful future after childhood and athletics, but to also have fun while they are kids.  He believes the things the kids are learning and the things he learned through the Iowa Youth Basketball Foundation and things that shape futures, change lives and effect more people then just the kids themselves. 


Luann Jensen, Board Member

Luann is the reason Iowa Youth Basketball Foundation exists.  Luann has a great passion for kids and helping them in life.  As a result of a very difficult situation in losing a son as an young infant, Luann has since wanted to help kids and have an impact in their lives.  She encouraged Dickson, her husband, to spend more time with their own kids, and so she encouraged him to coach them in basketball. This led to the creation of All Iowa Attack and after seeing how many kids the program impacted, has further developed into Iowa Youth Basketball Foundation itself.